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Sunday, 31 August 2014

8 Avoidable Things That Can Hurt Your Business Brand Badly

As I was surfing the web today, I stumbled on this powerful infographic that talks about Things That Can Hurt Your Brand and I though it would be better to share it with you.. We all know that our brand is the primary image of our business. It is basically what helps us sale out our product and keep the business blooming as expected. To be able to establish a successful company or business, you...

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Friday, 29 August 2014

Samsung reveals its curved Gear S smartwatch

Joining Samsung's sizeable roster of wearables is the curvacious Gear S smartwatch...

Samsung's unveiled a new addition to its smartwatch line-up with the Gear S, a 'next generation' wearable.
The firm reckons its new timepiece 'expands the smartphone experience to the wrist' since it ships with a built-in 3G modem.
This means the watch functions in much the same way as a smartphone, but for your wrist.
The Gear S sports a 2-inch curved Super AMOLED display which can display the usual smartwatch fare like notifications and messages.

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Samsung's Gear S confirmed to need separate SIM plan

Sammy's latest smartwatch is a lone-wolf wearable that could see your network provider charging double the dosh for full functionality... 

Samsung's only just unveiled its new Gear S but it already seems that there's a caveat to the spiffing Korean timepiece.
The guys at Wareable spoke to a 'contact at Samsung' and confirmed that a separate SIM card plan will be needed to make use of the watch's 2G/3G functionality.
This news cements the watch as a standalone product, separating it from the raft of smartphone-dependent wearables.

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Best audio editing software for 2014

  • Audacity

1. Audacity

A name synonymous with audio editing software, Audacity has been going since 1999 and it still receives frequent updates. Multiple file formats are supported, you can record live audio, insert effects and play about the frequencies – basically it’s a fully featured app for free

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Windows 9 Speculating To Be Released On September

Rumours of Windows 9 Speculating To Be Released On September

There has be some rumours that Microsoft would be releasing its newest OS in the month of September. However, the specific said date might not be truly confirmed, but from the look of things, I think that would be in the late beginning of September or in later in the end of the month.

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Friday, 22 August 2014

Top 5 Search Engine Optimization Tips to Enhance your Website Traffic

Heavy traffic to ones particular website is always the desire of any individual or firm that possesses a website or webpage. This is due to the fact that heavy traffic to a particular website creates an ideal platform for optimal attraction of customers and potential clients and especially for companies that have a heavy specialization in internet marketing.

One very important tip to enhance traffic to a particular website is to ensure that the content and data available on the webpage is highly unique and original. Original and unique content is known to highly attract visitors since it is always the desire of every individual to come across content that is not available on any other site. This can be made possible by creating an appropriate balance in the level of keywords available. Through this, repetition and redundancy of any specific keyword is highly reduced and hence the content does not become monotonous and boring to read. It is greatly preferable that the level of keywords does not go beyond five percent since it will turn out into some boring stuff to read.

Keeping web content new and updated is also key towards enhancing heavy website traffic. In this case, it has been noted that many web users prefer accessing and visiting websites whose pages and databases are updated on a regular basis. Through this constant update, individuals and web users are able to gain access to first hand information. However, as much as individuals are required to keep making updates, it is also important that the updates are not just done with less caution. This is because, unattractive updates can be very boring to read and many people may view it as a waste of time reading them and in turn stand at a higher risk of losing all your visitors. As a matter of fact, constant updating of websites really has a great importance since it goes a very long way in improving ones web rankings in addition to creating an ideal and good relationship with the customers.

Another very crucial tip is ensuring a perfect and ideal structure of the website. In this case, it is of utmost importance that the website creates avenues where individuals and web visitors can be in a good position to access as much information as possible about the firm or company whose site they have accessed. Providing sufficient information to web visitors increases and boosts their confidence in the website.

Website marketing can also be very important in trying to marshal some good amount of traffic to your website. In this case, an individual can easily market his or her website by writing numerous articles based on the website and broadcasting them all over to other sites and press releases. In the articles, you can leave some links that will direct the readers to your particular website. Through this, what you will experience in the long run is an increase in the traffic to your website.

A magnificent homepage is also another important tip that can see you experience the largest and most immense web traffic. In this case, individuals get to judge a particular website based on the first impression they get at the home page. An attractive and well laid out homepage acts as an ideal landing point for any new people visiting the site. A good and most attractive homepage is one that is simply laid out and not overloaded with excess of unnecessary content such as links and images.

It is also important that an individual considers making a particular webpage very easy and quick to load. This can be through reducing the use of cookies on the site. A site that is quick to load is greatly preferred by individuals since less time is spent on the site. Since web pages are accessed from various devices, it is of essence to ensure that its accessibility is made very easy.

Generally, it is very important and essential that both individuals and firms that have websites ensure that they are completely optimized if they would like to experience an increase in the amount of traffic flocking their websites.

Author Bio: I am Ronnie Custer and I am concentrated on writing both academic and non-academic cases for the past several years which in actual fact assisted me to gain knowledge a great deal in writing grading assignments for all sorts of students. So far, as a result of my vast experience in writing industry, I have worked with different professionals writing and Business Plan Writing services. Currently, working more for non academic works like article writing for blogs like wordpress, blogger, Articlebase etc.. which has become my passion.


Thursday, 21 August 2014

How to automatically resize blogger image to fit in blog post

How to automatically resize blogger image to fit in blog post are, sometime some images are relatively with a big size and sometimes you notice that the image is over flow when viewed on your blog post...

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4 Best Smartphone Weather App For 2014

This is one of the best iPhone weather apps, unfortunately for the android users, it does not come in android version. may be we should hope it is made available in the near future. The dark sky iPhone weather app is very simple but packed with full amazing features. With this app you can simply get information about wind speed.

Dark Sky uses state-of-the-art technology to predict when it will rain or snow — down to the minute at your exact location, and presents it to you alongside the most beautiful weather visualizations you've ever seen. it has a lot of amazing features may be you should check it out in their official website.

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Google Eyes Kid-Friendly Accounts

Hey, kids. If you're bummed because you're too young to create a Google account, we have some potentially good news.
The Web giant is reportedly working on versions of YouTube and Gmail that are specifically geared towards children. If Google goes through with the plan, it would be the first time the company has offered accounts to children under 13 years old, according to The Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed people familiar with Google's plans.
Google declined to comment about the report when contacted by PCMag on Tuesday.
Currently, children are not allowed to sign up for a Gmail or YouTube account because the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) puts strict limits on how information about children under 13 is collected for advertising. If you're under 13, Google will redirect you to a page stating it could not create your account because you do not meet the age requirement. However, there's nothing really stopping children from masquerading as adults to create an account.

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