Telcel Mexico launches the BlackBerry Classic

Telcel Mexico launches the BlackBerry Classic

Telcel customers looking to pick up a BlackBerry Classic now have the choice of doing so through the Mexican carrier. With the launch event held recently, the carrier has now announced the arrival of the BlackBerry Classic to their device lineup.

"We understand that many of our customers have held onto their BlackBerry Bold devices for some time because it's the productive device they trust," said Patricia Hevia, Operations Director for Telcel, Region 9. "BlackBerry Classic upgrades the iconic functionalities and features loved by current and former BlackBerry fans, particularly the keyboard and navigation keys. With a faster, updated browser, new operating system and countless apps, we're thrilled to be able to offer this device to our customers worldwide who want to be more productive communicators."

You can have a look through our full BlackBerry Classic review for information about the device or head on over to the Telcel blog to stay updated on their roll out of the BlackBerry Classic.

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