Track your android phone when stolen with a free anti-theft ware

Track your stolen android phone

I have always asked myself this question, supposing i misplace my phone or someone steal's my phone what kind i do to get it back, I did series of research on this particular problem because i didn't see any reason in this modern computer and technological world why i can not recover my stolen smart phone no matter where it could be. i have misplaced quite a number of my phones and have seen people being victim of stolen phone and they do nothing about it. the good news today is that i have found the solution
to that problem of a stolen phone.And would share that solution very soon. Though, there are so many software that claims that they actually help track your stolen phone, many of them do not live up to the standard that their software job descriptions states. If you haven't heard of prey before let us take this opportunity  to brief you what it is and how it works but first of all you need to download this software from the Google play or from this site.
How does it work

Prey Overview

Basically you  Download  and install this tiny and small software onto your phone or computer . After which it would wait for a remote signal from the owner and wakes up. This signal is basically sent from the internet or from an sms (text message)
Prey Reports
which allows and helps it gather info about the phone locations hardware and network status...
By marking your device as missing, it will gather all info necessary for you to find your phone and sends it to the preferred email you used to sign up or register  and depending on your reporting method

Share this and save you loved ones the stress and money of loosing a very important and expensive phone

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