The new Samsung Galaxy S4 review

The long awaited Samsung galaxy S4 is now in the system with some excellent never seen features and specs that could not have been imagined by any ordinary non technological minded person. I bet you the Samsung Company is really doing their home work very well as well as impressing their customers and others. Over the years they have kept on improving on their services and bringing innovations
to their gadgets. And now they have decided to surprise us with their latest release..!

From our partner consumer reports magazine which says that the new Samsung galaxy S4 is one of the top rated smart phones as of now. Surprisingly, it is top rating the apple iPhone 5 and many more smart phones running on android. The more funny thing is really not different from the S3 apart from the fact that some new features and default applications has been added. J  Some people are still finding it quit difficult to differentiate from the galaxy S3 except giving a close look because they are not really noticeable ….

The Samsung  S4 is 5in,   1,900X1,080
Better viewed from all directions
Has a max. Brightness of 221cd/m
The S4 has a dual band of 802.11ac Bluetooth, wireless and NFC range and a 4G internet speed making your browsing and more very fast.
The new S4 has a memory of 16GB internal only 9GB of usable space they are working to introduce 32, 64GB version but for now it is rather unknown to us.

It has a 1.9Ghz quad core processor and a 2GB RAM which still remains the same.


Its processor and screen size and properties makes it very appropriate for gamers. It does not in any way break when playing game or something. The new S4 is appropriate for all kinds of game in the Google play store


More solid feeling cover or back which makes it more difficult to separate when it falls on the ground or something. It  has a battery capacity of 2,600mAh, as I expected the new S4 is running on the latest android version 4.22 as of now and upgradable if version is upgraded with some more innovation tweaks from Touch whiz which makes it very possible for the S4 to respond to sensors. As in skipping music tracks, scrolling down and up pictures when you swipe your hand across the face of the phone and many more which you would find out when you get one for yourself.
It also has a feature which helps you to spread your music across people near you who are using the same phone to play the same song you are playing making it louder.
You can as well send pictures with sound to your loved ones.

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