4 Credit card red flags to always avoid

Credit cards are a wonderful convenience for many customers that utilize them. However, credit card can become an unhappy experience if you don't use it wisely.

In today fast paced technological environment many people want the ability to pay for goods with ease. With this in mind it is very important to recognize some of the red flags of a credit card may

want to avoid to minimize potential risk or problem along the way which include the following tips.

Do you really want to charge a latte for your credit card? Is that latte really worth the interest you may be charged? you may want to think twice about this before you use your credit card  to make small purchases. Consider paying cash or using your debit card for certain purchases instead.

 Before using your credit card you may want to think about whether or not you can pay off your purchase in full when you receive your monthly statement. If your answer is no, then you may want to hold off on making that purchase until you can afford the product you want to buy

 Thinking of letting someone other than your spouse use your credit card or having a secondary user on your account? This is probably not a good idea. Keep in mind that you would become ultimately responsible for any charges another person makes on your credit card account after you have authorized them to use it. And you never can tell the third person whose the card can fall into his hand..

 Review your credit statement monthly to assist you in correcting  any errors that may be on your statement. This may assist you in catching any potential problems on your statement and would help you stay on track with the activity history of you account as well as your budgeting and bill paying...

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