Samsung announces the Galaxy Gear smartwatch with voice control.

Samsung announces the Galaxy Gear smartwatch with voice control.

Samsung has finally unvailed  their smartwatch which was design to connect with their numerous smartphones with the help of bluetooth (via bluetooth)

 It has the normal size  of regular watch  with some amzing features that makes it like a smartphone. It is a touchscreen with a 1.63inch screen,   1.9 MP of camera at the side of the device for capturing images just like you do with the normal smartphones and a bluetooth that aids easy transfer of files to your smartphone just at a touch. It is also built to provide almost the same functionality of an android phone. With this it makes it even possible to walk without touching your mobile phone with you.. The most enjoying part of it is it abilty to be controlled using your voice which makes it possible to play and switch music, making phone calls and receiving calls as well and sending text messages. and you also get the chance to use apps on it just like the phone.It has been loaded with special apps in the categories of health, fitness and fun. In all, it has been loaded with a total of 70 apps.

The Galaxy Gear smartwatch will be made available  from September 25 in six  different colours which is  Black, Wild Orange, Mocha Gray, Oatmeal Beige, Rose Gold, and Lime Green
At the launch it would only work with the note3 and 10.1, followed later in the year by Galaxy S4 after the software is updated to Android 4.3

Though it is the first smartphone brands to come up with the smartwatch, it doesn't necessarily means that it is the only one out there..Some are coming in Sony Smartwatch. pebble and rumore is goiing that Apple is coming up with iWatch but has not yet be made know when it would be arrived....

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