Rundown of Top 3 Reviews on the New iOS 7

On September 18, 2013, Apple released iOS 7 as the 7th version of its iOS mobile operating system. The company flaunts it as the biggest change that has ever happened to iOS since iPhone was introduced. With all the innovative features highlighted during the launch, many Apple lovers as well as those who detest the brand and its products await what the media has to say about Apple’s new baby. Is it just a fresh coat of paint? Is Apple successful in making a worthwhile upgrade? Find out from the reviews of some tech media networks.

·         c/net: Since 1994, the American tech media website c/net has been publishing blogs, podcasts, news, and reviews on technology and latest electronic gadgets used by millions of consumers around the world. Recently, it released a balanced review for Apple iOS 7 with enough praises about the massive design overhaul to make it more user-friendly. The upgrade is a worthy treat for all iPad, iPod, and iPhone fans giving them quick access to oft-used features. Apple, which has been static in its interface, did not disappoint countless users with its sweeping new look and the integration of first-for-Apple features like automatic app updates and iTunes Radio streaming music app.

c/net compliments the new security system with its superior Home button that skips the passcode step to unlock the iPhone. The system simply requires a fingerprint scan that can be programmed to include those from people you want to have access to your iPhone. However, c/net is not particularly crazy over the flat design concept favouring space more than information. Unless you really devote time to navigate around, you’ll remain in awe at the remarkable transformation Apple did on the iOS 7.

·         The Verge: Operated by Vox Media, this media network publishes news, stories, podcasts, and product reviews. The Verge did not miss out the complete overhaul of the Apple iOS 7 interface which actually took six years to happen. That change happens the moment the iPhone is turned on. There’s a free update that changes every interaction you make with the phone. Even Siri matures with her new thoughts and brand-new voice.

The Verge concludes that Apple is out to prove it is still innovative to create something as interesting as the iOS 7. With all its fresh visuals, iOS 7 could just be the start of a bigger project Apple has under its sleeves.

·         TechRadar: This British online publication owned by Future plc focuses on releasing news and product reviews, largely about mobile gadgets and their operating system such as the iOS 7. TechRadar adores not only the radical design given by Apple to the new iOS 7, but also the friendliest and most powerful version of iOS running its apps. While most users would be crooning about the major features such as iTunes Radio, Airdrop, and Control Center, TechRadar magnifies the little things that spell the big difference from the Androids. Among the favorites are the multitasking function that allows users to force-quit several running apps by double tapping the Home button, and the location services that personalize the places where you’ve been and when you’re there.

The recent release of Apple iOS 7 has not only resulted in valid product reviews, both negative and positive. It also prompted millions of consumers all over the globe to download the iOS 7 simultaneously, causing mammoth network congestion. While this is an issue for cable broadband providers, the magnitude of reaction proves that Apple has succeeded in presenting iOS 7 as more than just big in aesthetics.

Yvonne Hart's profile photoWritten By :  Yvonne Hart is a tech blogger from Australia. Her knowledge about consumer technology is backed up by 8 years working as a marketing professional in an I.T. distribution company. She now works as a consultant for one of the top cable broadband providers in her country. To guest post .click here..

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