How to add custom favicon to your blog in Blogger

How to add custom favicon To your  Blogger  Blog – Change default Blogger favicon

By default every new blog register with is entitled to a standard Orange Blogger favicon. Which makes blogger blogs stand out in the mist of the lot.

It is a part of their trade mark of recognition among many other organization that serve as a blog platform.

The good news is that you can customize this favicon to suit your site and also make your site stand out.  But the question is how? In this post we would learn how to that with few easy steps.

What is a favicon by the way? 

A favicon is a 16 X 16 pixel images icon associated with a particular website, typically displayed in the address bar of a browser accessing the site or next to the site name in a user's list of bookmarks. It distinct your site from others

The picture below represents what a favicon is. consider the arrows !!!


Why add a custom Favicon?

It shows your uniqueness and identity of your blog and your handy work. It is just an easy way of differentiating your blog from many.. .

You can Show you are a pro and not joking about blogging but simply creating a favicon for your blog, It shows seriousness. It distinct your blog from others...

 How do I Change Standard Blogger Favicon to a customized Favicon

At this point it is assumed that you have already designed your favicon for your site and now ready to have it displayed on your site. If you have not, then try to design it.

NOTE: the favicon image you will design should be a 16X16 pixels image, If it is more than that try reducing it other wise it would not work.

#1 Design your favicon image note it has to be 16 X 16 pixels
#2 Log in to your blogger blog using your Gmail account
#3 Navigate to your blogger layout as shows on the image below.
#4 At the top left corner where you see the favicon, click on the EDIT
#5 Upload your favicon image and save your template.
#6 Wait for a while and watch your favicon display.

Congratulation you have been able to install a custom favicon to your blog. Happy Blogging. Have any problem please let us know.

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