4 Claims To Avoid When Hiring An SEO Company

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One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make when they are searching for an SEO company is that they end up hiring a scammer. The problem with online scammers and especially those that seem to be offering top of the line SEO services is the fact that their scams have become increasingly difficult to spot. Unlike a few years ago today these scammers use often legitimate claims but which are slightly outrageous in order to trap small and medium business owners looking to rank well on a budget. The end result is that either these companies make off with the business owner’s money or they use black hat techniques which ends up ruining the company’s credibility. In order to avoid such scams there are a few telltale signs you will want to look out for when searching for an SEO company.

Claim no. 1: We have employees from Google working for us
This claim in 100% of the cases is made by SEO companies that are in fact scams. These companies try to claim that a lot of the people who do SEO for them have insider information about the search engine which helps them optimize websites almost overnight. This is a ridiculous claim mainly because Google’s employees will rarely disclose any information about the search engine’s algorithm. The other reason why the claim is ridiculous is that even higher up Google’s food chain the algorithm as a whole is a secret. Even people working on the algorithm know just one facet of it, plus the search engine uses an ever evolving artificial intelligence system which is near impossible to predict. This is why if you see claims like these by a company it’s better to stay away from them.

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Claim no. 2: We use a secret formula which ranks you well almost over night
There is no secret formula that can get a website ranked even in the top 30 overnight for any keyword. This is just a ridiculous claim often made by companies to attract people to their business. That said just getting search engines to notice that your website exists takes a few days. Then building a system of links and researching the industry takes a few more days. Even then there is no guarantee that your site will rank well because it’s a long and hard process. The secret formula is knowledge and hard work and is not a switch which you can just flip to get a website ranked well. That said many companies that make these claims often use black hat techniques which will end up getting your website sandboxed or even worse penalized by Google and other search engines.

Claim no. 3: Get hundreds of links to your website
This claim is deceiving because to a person who knows a bit about SEO it may assume that getting links back to their site is all there is to ranking well when in fact this is not the case. When someone who knows a bit about SEO sees something like this they think this is a cheap way to rank well without having to hire an SEO company. Just pay for the number of links you want and get it, right? Well actually wrong, over the past two years Google has been laser focused on link quality and not quantity. Links from the wrong places can in fact get you banned. Many times these services just link back from directories and classified ad sites which have no real value. Even if you can have 700,000 links from these sites it will not matter but you would have paid up to $100 for them if not more.

Claim no. 4: Guaranteed top spots on Google, Yahoo and Bing
Nobody can guarantee that you will get the top spot on Google on Bing in ‘X’ number of days or a week. Even a very experienced SEO company will not offer guarantees because you just never know what a search engine may do next and how it evaluates a site. However, tried and true white hat SEO according to Smart SEO which is one of the leading SEO companies in New Zealand is the only way to rank well despite the fact that its hard work.

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Written By : Nathanael Vanderkolk 
Nathanael Vanderkolk been in the SEO industry for over a decade. He was one of the first people to offer an SEO service for companies and setup one of the first SEO companies in Australia. Today, he runs the leading SEO Company in New Zealand and has a portfolio of dozens of countries which he and his team has helped rank high in SERPs.

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