How To Add A Multiple share Button Widget Below Every Post In Blogger

How To Add A Multiple share Button Widget Below Every Post In Blogger

We thank God for yet another day and Idea to share.  Because He has kept you Alive for yet another day to enjoy a brand new Grace and Mercy and for sending His only son Jesus Who  makes all things possible and new. We all have a course to praise God.

Sometimes it is very tedious to do all the social media marketing all by yourself. It is the very engine of blog popularity and authority on the internet. It is also one of the major method of driving massive traffic to your blog site or even a web site so to speak. The social media is used for vast number of activities and it is well respected as it a world on it's own. Have you ever thought of ever giving your readers the chance  to share your content on their favorite social network. If you haven't you should. The are so many ways of giving them the chance to do that but among all we are going to look into just one today. By embedding this share widget below every body, you are encouraging them to share your content. 

In this post we are going to look at how we can install this into our blog, in the blogger platform........
Visit this link and follow the procedures in the pictures below to get your sharing widget for your blogger blog  Get Share This Widget

Follow the steps below on the website to get your code





How To Add This To Blogger
  • Go to Blogger Dashboard 
  • Click on your Layout 
  • Select a perfect place you want to add the widget and click Add a Gadget
  • From the various option scroll down and select the HTML/JavaScript
  • Copy and paste the code below in the empty box..

Wow you are done save your Layout and see it work on your blog. And beneath all your post please suggest to your readers to share your content on their various favorite social network.

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