How to add Skype call or chat widget to your blog or website

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Good communication is the paramount block of building a strong relationship with others or may be someone close to you. It is something we can no do away with. It is the very reasonable tool for building a network. Many webmaster and bloggers have their way of communicating with their cherished readers. Recently I had a problem with my website and as I was searching for help and tutorials that might assist me, I came across this very nice blog that had what I was looking for. Even though the post on that blog satisfies  my hunger for information. I still needed to talk to the webmaster, and just above the top right corner or the blog I saw a Skype button, luckily for me the webmaster was online and He assisted me go through the problem. And now we are good friends... See what communication can do ??

In my own way, I would rather suggest that webmasters should have an avenue for communication with their readers or viewers.. each one needs the other to grow!!

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to embed the Skype chat and call widget in our various website and blog . let people get in touch with just at  the click of a button. Whether they're on a computer or mobile, they will get through with a voice call or an instant message.

Add a Skype button to your websites and

1        First of all you need to visit their developers page to get a code Go to  Developers

2     Secondly, Enter your Skype ID in the first box that would be provided !! something like the image below....

If you don't have a Skype ID you can click the sign up now link provide below the space....

3    Here lies your choice, over here you can choose what you would like your widget to do for you, is it to Call or may be for chat.. or may be both call and chat ??

4   If you are done with the above then it's up to you to choose a beautiful colour theme for your widget(button)  as well as the size

At the right side bar of the website shows you the live preview of your widget before you do anything else..

5   If you are satisfied with your widget then copy the code provided to as shown in the image below and insert it to your blog using the Add HTML/JavaScript in the layout section of your blogger dash board.. Remember to choose a suitable spot to place your widget...    And if you site is not a blogger then use the HTML and place on the part of your site you want it to appear using an HTML segment......

If you were able to do this successfully, you have really done a good job. Have fun blogging, If you have any problem or question please drop it in the comment box below... Show some love by sharing this for us....Stay updated be subscribing to our feed or follow us on your favorite social network !!

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