Top Blogging Communities That Would Drive Daily Mass Traffic To Your Blog

Top Blogging Communities That Would Drive Daily Mass Traffic To Your Blog

We thank GOD for yet another day. In this post we would look at the blogging communities that have the potential of driving massive traffic to your blog or website. It would be very nice if we proceed with knowing what a blogging community means and how it could help our blogging business
In my own understanding and based on a little personal research that I have conducted. I can clearly say that blogging community is a place where so many minded bloggers meet to share and read interested articles or post coming from other bloggers, share each others interesting and helping post and building a relationship with fellow bloggers in your niche or beyond..
It is very important to note how beneficial it is to join such a wonderful community .

Benefits of joining Blogging Communities?

There are so many benefits of joining blogging community among which I would love to share these main ones with you.

  • Blogging communities help your blog post to be highly ranked in the most popular search engines,and brings you a lot of organic traffic.
  • It also gives your domain a high authority that can be increase by sharing most of your blog posts in Blog communities
  • You can freshen your mind with new topics and ideas to write or blog about from new post of fellow bloggers. 

Here are the most popular and effective blogging community that can be of great help....... meet bloggers in your niche and share ideas and post.

Top Blogging Communities to promote your posts


Blogengage is one of the most popular blogging community that we can't do away with in the blogging industry for now. It has over 3500+ members across board. Blogengage gives you the chance to interact with fellow minded bloggers like yourself with the provisions made for private chat, chatrooms, groups invlovement and many more. Blogengage is founded by Brian Belfitt

BlogEngage is considered as a premium  blogging community and as such goes with a standard price of £19.99 for a standard account. Know that it is worth investing.


Dosplash, founded by Jane Sheeba.  is a new blogging community among the others, it members are most of the top bloggers in the blogging industry so you easily get noticed anytime you share an interesting and quality content in the community. Your post can be featured in a slideshow for sometime if it is worth catching peoples attention.  Members also gets the chance to interact with other co bloggers and that is one of the most important thing to note.


Klinkk blogging community, founded Erik Emmanuel is also considered to  be new in the idustry and it is rapidly gaining it's grounds in helping to boost your site traffic

ManageWP is basically a blogging community dedicated to WordPress and it is very fascinating how fast this community is growing. If you have any post or content related to WordPress+, ManageWP is a perfect place share it.... Impressive right ?

The Writers Social

The Writers social is highly know for it's ability to  gain regular and constant hits to blogs sites, just like other bloggers you can also share your most interesting content here..


Blokube provides a voting basis of your post , depending on how helpful and interested it is, fellow bloggers or users can vote for your post herein increasing your rank in the Blokube community


Bizsugar has been in the system for long and it is one of the oldest blogging community that I know of broadly used by top bloggers across the World. A large number of audience is assured when an interesting and quality content is being shared on board increasing your blog's visibility on Vote basis.

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