How to Correctly Upload Images to Posts in Blogger [Blog Tutorial]

How to Upload Images to Posts in Blogger 

One of the best way of making your post or article catching is probably by adding images to your post. This would add more engagement. 

Like you always hear, image speaks louder than writings. Imagine you are giving a tutorial on your blog you do not provide images, it makes it harder for readers to clearly understand what you are talking about… Lucky for the blogger users, Google has made it possible to upload unlimited images on their server. So you don’t have to worry of expanding your bandwidth.

For example, this is a tutorial on how you can upload image to your post if you are a blogger user. Imagine I wrote this tutorial without providing you images, how better do you think you would understand my tutorial and apply what you learnt. Some tutorials are better explained with images. That way faithful readers would be able to better understand the information you carrying out.

I believe judging from how far you have come with using blogger, you know how to write a new post. Basically you have to log in to your blogger dashboard… Click on Add new Posts. Note that images are preferably to be in JPEG format or PNG format. Keep note. Doesn't mean you cannot upload any other image format. But it is recommended you upload the formats stated above (JPEG and PNG)

A new page would load with the blogger post editor which allows you to write up your post. Put the tittle of your post, write your content as you have always done... Now look out for a task bar just beneath the compose / HTML tab. And locate an icon that represents a picture. As shown in the image below. The arrow is pointing to the image icon. Click on the icon.

A new window would emerge after you have click on that icon. This window would bring an option for you to simply upload your image… Click on the “Choose files button”. And locate where your image is. You can simply add and upload more than one images at a time… When choosing you image press and hold CTRL key and use your mouse to select the image by clicking on the image once. After your selection press ok or open images…to upload them.

After your image is uploaded select those you want to be in the post you are writing by clicking on the images…If the images failed to be selected, press and hold the CTRL key and select the image by clicking it once. Once the image(s) have been selected. Click on the Add Selected button located at the bottom of the window. And watch you images being added to your post. 

You can also copy image and paste images into the blogger post editor but this method is never recommended. Because when you copy and paste image to you post editor, the image is never linked to your post when it appears in search engine… But when you upload image using the correct procedure, it makes your image link to your post when it appears in search engines (image searches) 

Author: Post is written by DOK Simon, he's an Author and Editor of Blogging Engage

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