Tips on choosing a perfect Blog Template or Theme For Your Blog

Let’s make things as simple as possible. A blog template or theme is the most important element in blogging and it plays greater role in creating an awareness of seriousness of the owner or webmaster. A lot of bloggers pay so much money to web developers to create and design an astonishing template or theme for their blog. It is always necessary to pay a greater attention to a blog template or theme when creating a new blog or better still redesigning an existing template/theme.

The outside of an element matters a lot to people, readers easily judge the profitability and seriousness of a blog simply by looking at the outside appearance. Your blog might be worth it but the template would suck visitors.

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Not only visitors, advertisers also consider the template/theme factor of a blog before always making a move on any business proposal. So, you might want to consider that. In this post we want to share with you the most beneficial things and factors to consider before choosing, buying, downloading and installing a template for your blog.

choosing a perfect Blog Theme/Template

#1 The Theme/Template should be SEO friendly:

This is one of the invisible or abstract factor to consider before picking a template. In as much as the success of a SEO lies on your web content, your theme or template plays a greater role in letting search engines have access to those content. If your template is roughly coded that is to say the individual HTML is wrongly or weakly coded, it could highly affect the ranking and visibility of your property in search engines. So keep that in mind. If you are going to hire a developer to design your theme code. Let him know you are really in for business and no shady work would be rewarded.

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#2. The Outside Appearance.

People are easily attracted to nice things and the nice things are not easy to come by... (But you have got to find it). It might sound ridiculous to you to know that some people visit blogs simply because of the looks. How funny could that be?

Always make it available for your readers or visitors to easily explore your website. Don’t really make it hard. Make it as easy as possible. Create a friendly impression that your site is user friendly… 

#3. Easy Readability.

These days’ people are very receptive to catchy headlines and may be the designs around it. Your theme should be able to display your web content in a very appealing format.

#4. Consider The Uniqueness Of The Theme.

Achieving this very factor is quite difficult. Lots and lots of people are been driven into the blog world by one or two reasons. This has made it quite difficult for one to have a unique blog theme or template. Hence it is very advisable for one to pin to one or more particular design or widget may be even color difference that would differentiate his blogs from the rest.

#5. Availability of Advertisement space

Advertisement is one of the best ways top bloggers make huge money from their blogs. So when purchasing or designing a template, it is very necessary that one considers the space

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