8 Solid Ways to Improve the Usability of Your Website

When we talk about increasing the usability of a website, we can not do away with marketing and neither can we forget traffic.

People are looking to stick with something beautiful and easy to use,  not the other way round. If your site incorporates nice design and easy usability, I bet you, you would always continue to have returning readers and new readers and that would eventually land you to promise land.

So usability should not be compromised with traffic or content.( but they are also important, they should not be left out )

Usability of a website can truly be equated to it's design and layout.

Imagine you buy a product, and you find out that the product is not easy to use, would go back to buy the same product again ?? you would rather try to find a more user friendly one right ??

Neil Patel of Quicksprout has put together an awesome infographic to show us how to increasingly improve the usability of our website, these are really amazing techniques to help us add value and increase usability.. Lets check it out...

8 Ways to Improve the Usability of Your Website
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

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