Our forums are about to get super awesome, but we need YOUR help!

Help us test out the shiny new forum design, provide feedback to help us make it even better, and maybe win a free t-shirt!

It's been quite awhile since our forums got a refresh, and they're starting to look a little outdated. And sometimes, as many of you have mentioned in the past, they can load a bit on the slow side too. We've heard all your feedback and definitely appreciate hearing from you about how we can make the site better for everyone! Over the last several months our tech and design teams have been working SUPER hard to create a new forum for CrackBerry readers that is both functional AND visually pleasing. As you can imagine, redesigning everything was a pretty massive undertaking, and not something we wanted to rush. The good news is we are now ready to test out the new design, but we NEED YOUR HELP.

If you're interested in helping us test the new design, please head on over to this forum thread to get started. Your feedback is crucial to this process, because we want the redesign to be something YOU are happy to use! And who knows, maybe your feedback will earn you a t-shirt from your favorite Mobile Nations site!

Again, hit up this link to learn how you can easily activate the new design right now. We'll talk with you in the forums!!

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