Join us LIVE at 8pm Eastern Tonight for the CrackBerry Podcast!

This will be the second of our special edition 10 Years of CrackBerry podcasts. Tonight we're recording LIVE in video. If you can join us, come say hi.

Bla1ze, Craig Johnston and CrackBerry Kevin are firing up the podcasting machine at 8pm Eastern to record our second special edition podcast celebrating 10 Years of CrackBerry.

Our first anniversary podcast was AMAZING with special guest, Steve Cistulli, from BlackBerry Mobile. If you missed it, you should listen now while waiting for tonight's show to begin. Our second anniversary podcast will be recorded live in video and be more of a looking back episode celebrating some of our favorite moments in CrackBerry and BlackBerry history.

You can watch above and if you want to ask questions, jump over to the Hangouts On Air Page on YouTube to ask questions there as well. If you miss the live recording, don't worry - you can watch the show again in video after its recorded and we'll also post audio-only versions to our podcast feeds.

Enjoy the show!

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