From the Editor's Desk: A Few Awesome Announcements

As the 10 Years of CrackBerry fun continues and the launch of the BlackBerry KEYone nears, I have a few awesome announcements to make.

Hello CrackBerry Nation!

When I initially brought CrackBerry Kevin out of retirement for the month of February to celebrate 10 Years of CrackBerry, I wasn't expecting to have nearly as much fun as I've been having. I also had no expectations that the festivities would continue beyond February and the end of Mobile World Congress.

Following my hosting duties at the BlackBerry KEYone launch event, the fine folks at BlackBerry Mobile let me leave Barcelona with a couple of KEYone engineering samples so I could show them off to other BlackBerry fans itching to get a first look at the KEYone. I did just that in March by hosting a handful of awesome CrackBerry meetups in cities like Toronto, Winnipeg, Miami and New York City.

Now here we are, it's April and as we get closer to the rollout of the KEYone I'm happy to say the fun isn't stopping anytime soon.

Listen up for a few announcements that I hope you will all appreciate:

1. BlackBerry Mobile is sponsoring the CrackBerry website for 2017!

BlackBerry Mobile made the unveiling of the KEYone truly memorable by financially supporting us to bring 10 CrackBerry members to Barcelona to attend the event in person.

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