First BlackBerry KEYone owner impressions are in and they're GOOD

The newly released BlackBerry KEYone is making its way into eager hands in the UK and already we've seen a ton of great feedback in the CrackBerry forums. Both new and veteran BlackBerry users are weighing in on what makes the KEYone awesome, as well as what they'd like to see changed.

The fun part about the KEYone is that a lot of users will be switching over from a lot of different devices. There will be BlackBerry users upgrading from the Priv, Passport and Classic (among others), Android users switching over from any number of devices, and even die-hard iPhone users making the jump. It will be interesting to see what people think as the KEYone hits more hands, but already I'm super psyched on the feedback it's getting after barely a week on sale to the public.

As is becomes available in more markets across the globe we'll start to see more a ton more feedback from users, but until then, let's dive in and see what some early adopters already have to say about the BlackBerry KEYone.

What KEYone Owners Are Saying

Forums user Vegano was one of the first to get hold of a new KEYone, making the jump from a BlackBerry Classic. Outlining plenty of pros and cons, Vegano is a big fan of how fast the hardware is and that the KEYone is an extremely efficient device — but also noting that the keyboard will take some getting used to for those not accustomed to the scrolling features.

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