The BlackBerry KEYone is a great Android phone with an even greater keyboard

A take on the KEYone from an Android guy. Who used to be a BlackBerry guy.

Don't call it a comeback! I've been here for years.

This isn't a typical review of a smartphone. I usually don't write those, because I'm not as good at it as others are and I've worked here long enough to say things like "I don't wanna" and almost get away with it. But sometimes, I want to make words about a phone that can be read alongside a proper review from one of the guys who are great at writing them. That's what this is because I need to make words about the KEYone.

The BlackBerry KEYone is one of the finest phones you can buy today. I know, that sounds like it's full of hyperbole and something a person would be paid to say, but trust me on this — it's an honest opinion from a dude who has been around smartphones, and BlackBerrys, since they were invented.

BlackBerry and I got a divorce when BBOS died.

Some of you guys already know, but I'm a BlackBerry guy at heart. At least, not if you count the gap between BBOS 7 and Android known as BB10. I still think the best smartphone I ever had was my old 8830, back when Sprint was good and BIS was a thing. I talked my boss into letting me keep it rather than "upgrade" to a newer Curve. When both of those things changed, I did, too.

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